Spinido® TI-Adhesion KFZ Magnetische Halterung

Spinido® TI-Adhesion KFZ Magnetische Halterung

· Large ball rotation area achieves multi-angle rotation arbitrarily which can be rotated in a range of 270 degrees, you can easily get any angles' view.

· Magnetic Phone mount features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center to provide a strong grip and smooth glide for all phones to use safely.

· Special designed four different braces for air vent, can make the devices more stable in the process of movement.

· Aesthetically attractive design made of durable Aluminum material, Timeless silver match color, suitable for most cars.

· The circular force area is large enough to sustain the maximum target of your phones. This magnetic car mount holder can compatible with most smartphone and iPhone GPS.



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